Monday, September 15, 2014



    In a couple of days I will be 55.  Time moves very fast.  The months and seasons turning faster and faster.  I know that I have much I want to achieve and things I MUST do and places I want to see before aging and/or health problems prevent them.  A bucket list of sorts.  Do you have one?

  I know I want to write a cookbook for my grandchildren.  There are many recipes from my grandmother and other family members I want passed on.   My granddaughters love to cook and when my oldest granddaughter,  Emma asked me to write a cookbook for her, I KNEW it had to happen.   One of the things that will make this a little difficult is I rarely use exact measurements.  Im a throw and go kinda cook.  But I will get it figured out.

  I would like to travel just a little.  Alaska is one place I want to see.  I would like to visit New England and rent a little cottage near the ocean.  I would also love to fly to Italy if only for a weekend of eating and drinking wine.  I dont have a single drop of Italian blood in me but Italy still calls me.

  I want to rent a motor home and take a cross country trip with Mickey and my grands.  Maybe see the redwood forest and the grand canyon and the ocean.
  I want to invent a grass seed that allows a beautiful blade of  grass to grow just one inch then stop.  It will stay green throughout the winter and be drought and blight resistant.  No need to mow ever again.   (I dont think this is possible!)

  I never want to forget how precious and special every single day on earth is.  There are many many horrible things happening around the world.  I wish it would stop.  I just dont know how to make it stop.  I have to believe it will tho. 

   So for today I am thankful for my simple life, the people that I love and the little piece of the world I now call home.   Oh and a dog named Bob. 

What is on your bucket list?  Tell me...

The grands are doing well in their new school and new home.  They are happy.  That makes me very happy. 

I sold my bike.  It was great.  I had a lot of fun with it.  I just feel older and not as strong nor are my reflexes what they were 10 years ago. It was time.  
My mini me.  They say we look alike.
Dylan and Emma are writing to Nana Tibby in Pennsylvania.  They are all pen pals.  Its wonderful.  Nana Tibby is their great grandmother.  Here is a note that Emma wrote:


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring 2014

 March 2014

I had my son take a picture of the grands and me.  Oh and Bob of course!   Bob and I are seldom apart.  (And we would have included Mickey, but he is camera shy!)

Dylan is doing great in his gifted and talented class.  Fifth grade seems to be a breeze for him.  His basketball team just finished up their season.  He received a special ball from the coach for being the MVP of the team.  He is now just starting the baseball season.  I am so looking forward to that. 
Dylan just turned 12 and he had his birthday party at a roller skating rink.

Which leads me to Emma.  (On the end of the bench)  She actually fractured her ankle that night while wearing her skates.  She has been on crutches and she is sporting a pink cast. 
All will be fine in a couple more weeks.  She is doing great in 3rd grade.  She also just finished up her season of basketball.  Love to watch those games.  Emma is so sweet and loves animals!

Addyson (middle with bat and ball)  loves school.  She is in all day Kindergarten and can write so well and also is a great artist.  They are all artistic.  Addyson wants to be a cheerleader in the worst way..  I'm sure she will be.  Addyson is very athletic.  She could also be an actress.  Her imagination is out of this world!!

These kids are truly amazing.  When they spend the weekend with us they enjoy being outside and exploring nature.  We go to movies, enjoy cooking, bringing friends along for the weekend, playing ball in the yard, touring on the golf cart, playing Uncle Wiggly, reading books and watching Netflix. 

They are the absolute joy of our life.

Whats new with you?

Tell me


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bob....Hes going to be okay! Its a miracle!!

After Mickey and I left the vets office on Sunday, he kept trying to reassure me that Bob was going to be okay.  Of course there was nothing I wanted to hear more than that!  But I still wasn't getting that FOR SURE confirmation from any of the veterinarians.  There was still a chance of brain swelling etc.  I wanted to believe he would recover.  I did.  But I was afraid of being devastated..again...After all, I thought when I saw him lying on the road that he was dead.  It was horrific.
Monday I left work early to be at the vets office by 5.  I had already told my boss I was going to be off work for the next few days to be with Bob.  He knows how I feel about my dog and was ok with it.  They had sedated Bob to get him cleaned up and treat any wounds that needed attention. (he had grease all over him from whatever vehicle hit him).  I stayed for the hour and said I would be back in the morning.
The next day after being at the vets for awhile they agreed to unhook the IV and give me a few hours at home with him..
   I had to take him back at 4.  They then decided to take out the IV port and let him spend the night.  After that it was general improvement by the hour.  Back to the vet in the morning and back home again with meds.  Hour by hour we worked and worked on eating, drinking, walking and resting.  After a few days of this he had a follow up appointment.  Dr. Corr was so thrilled to see him doing so well!!!  The staff was happy to see Bob again and to know that indeed he was truly a wonder dog!  He was going to make it!!  Dr. Mack came outside as we were leaving just to say how excited she was to hear that Bob was doing ok.  Bob is popular no matter where he goes.  But you all knew that, right?

  Bob is doing just fine with very little evidence that anything had even happened to him.  His forehead of course still has an indentation and we have to keep our eye on that area.  Should any of the bone fragments die and start to cause trouble, then a surgery will be necessary.  Until then, we will continue to limit activity and let mother nature do whatever she can.  Hopefully he will not have to have the surgery.  He has some trouble with his sinus now but it doesn't seem too bad.  All in all he is extremely lucky.    As are we.

And we wont ever forget that.

Not ever.

 I cant thank the Doctors and Staff of Thunderbird Veterinary hospital enough.  They helped save his life!!  They were diligent and kind and caring.  Without them, Bob would not be here today.  They spoon fed him.  They gave him everything he needed to survive the shock and kept him as comfortable as possible.   They are wonderful.


and Bob...The wonder dog................