Friday, May 29, 2009

Did you know.....

that goats love cookies? They do!! They will run as fast as they can to get a cookie. They will push and shove and kick and scream (not really) to get to a cookie. They will make really funny faces, to get a cookie.

Just look...

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I love comments.

Ive been waiting for comments.

Maybe you all can start posting comments?

Just so I know this thing works....

In the meantime...

heres some Oklahoma sky I took pictures of last evening....



Longs Community Store, East Waterford, Pennsylvania

Tragically, Longs store burned to the ground last Saturday night. A drunk driver ran his pickup through the store and it caught on fire, setting the scene ablaze. Total loss. Burned to the ground.

I am sad this happened. I grew up going to this store. We ran a bill there when I was a kid, and then when my Dad got paid, my Mom drove over to the store and paid the bill. They had everything in that store. Groceries, hardware, ammunition, candy, gas and sand. It was the coolest little store anywhere in small town America. My Mom worked there too..My Grandmother does most of her shopping there or I should say that my Aunt Sandy gets her things for her now.....

I read in the Lewistown Sentinel that Denny Long doesnt know yet if he will rebuild, but I have a feeling he will. He is really needed in the community.

Denny, please dont give up....

My Mom is weird I tell ya

I love my mom. I do...I really do...I miss her because you all know we live 1200 miles from each other and see one another only once a year. Sometimes I get really home sick ....And I really want to talk to my Mom...

So I call..Hey I looked on your blog yesterday, she said..

I was wondering who was taking the picture of you looking out the window.

Then I realized it was Bob..but not until the next day.

I ask you...Do I resemble this face...? Does that look like my hair?

Dont get me wrong, I love my Mom...but I worry about her sometimes.



Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This is the baby, Addy

Its the face....The face that will make you buy her a rainbow slushie...
You just cant say no.

Love you Baby girl......

Friday, May 22, 2009

Please have a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend

Bob wants to remind everyone to have a very safe holiday weekend and try to relax and enjoy yourself with the people that make you the happiest. In Bobs case, that would be me and his stuffed squirrel...

Dylan can read! Boy, can he read.......

Dylan won an award for 100 books read in the course of the school year. He came into my office yesterday to show me his award. He is so proud....and well he should be! I told him I was so happy that he read 100 books and he proudly stated.....

Grandma...Actually I read 130 books......

I love you Dylan and it makes me happy you love reading so much..

Your Gram Gram.....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Please take time to stop and smell the flowers

My son, Curt, fell into a ditch on Tuesday and suffered a concussion. He went to the hospital and they did several scans and xrays and luckily no broken bones. He is recovering at home and in pain, but it could have been worse.

SO today I choose to stop and count my blessings, and take a few minutes to smell the flowers. Here some pictures I took last year around my house.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Saturday night ballgame at OKC Redhawks

We went out to a ballgame Sat. night to catch a game between our Redhawks and Seattle. If you ever get the chance to attend a game there, it is top notch. The Redhawks are the triple A team for the Texas Rangers. The stadium I understand is rated one of the top 3 in the country.

It was cold that night but we had a good time and it was fun to get out.

What evil lurks

in the minds of otherwise precious dogs.....

This is how Bob would love to spend everyday. He sits at the window in the kitchen, looking out.

Such an innocent boy he is..So cute and loving and probably daydreaming about...


OMGosh I see a squirrel, please let me out..!!! NOW!!!!

And that gray fuzzy thing you see by the lilac bush is actually a dog running so fast my camera cant keep up!

Boy does he wish he could catch a squirrel...

Friday, May 15, 2009

I adore Bob

This is his story.....

Arrival Story:I was lost and wandering...
I just dont talk about how long nor do I talk about where I came from. I keep that to myself. But as fate would have it, I ended up at this house where I now live. The lady there really thought she had no room for me because she had 7 other dogs. But I did my best to impress her. I was very hungry and very thirsty. It was June 2006. I had ticks and stickers all over my body and really, I probably didnt have much time left before I would have died. So...after a few days ...I won their hearts! They finally said I could stay instead of going to a rescue place! I was so excited. I never want to leave and I adore my new family. I now have a great life and a pretty good routine. I go for a walk every single morning and then I have breakfast. Then my daddy always gives me a bisquit. 5 days a week my Mommy goes to work. In the beginning I just knew she wouldnt come back when she left, but now I understand that she does!! So its getting better. Every night my Mommy gives me dinner and then she lets me go to the barn with her while she feeds the other animals..But I am still the BOSS around here...make no mistake. I let all the other animals know it too!! I love my Mommy and she takes really great care of me. I searched and searched until I found just the right place to live. I will now be forever happy. For sure!!

Awesome Visit

Our friend Andy came from Arkansas last week to spend some time at our house with his daughter Jen and husband Chris and baby Abby that were traveling from the Dakotas to Texas. Chris, who is in the Air Force, had some work to do at Tinker Air Force Base for the week. They also brought along their dogs, Willow and Lady.
We had the best time! We cooked and talked and ate and laughed and just enjoyed the time together.
I miss them already......

This is Jen with her baby Abby...Hello Abby.!!!!!

This is also Jen with my son Curt...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Emmas Pre-K Graduation

I attended Emmas Pre-K graduation this morning. This was cuteness deluxe! Emma was dressed in a pretty light blue spring dress with sandles. Fortunate for me and my Leica, she was up front right with Mrs. Miller, her teacher. This made picture taking so much easier!
They sang several songs and did the pledge of alliegence. Then they handed out the certificates. After that, Mrs. Miller gave a heartfelt speech about her class. She stated that she said a prayer every night for these wonderful children and you could just feel the sincerity in her words. As her eyes misted over, tears streamed down my cheeks. How fortunate for my grand ones to have her for the beginning of their schooling.

Congratulations, Emma.

Thank you ever so much, Mrs. Miller.