Thursday, May 14, 2009

Emmas Pre-K Graduation

I attended Emmas Pre-K graduation this morning. This was cuteness deluxe! Emma was dressed in a pretty light blue spring dress with sandles. Fortunate for me and my Leica, she was up front right with Mrs. Miller, her teacher. This made picture taking so much easier!
They sang several songs and did the pledge of alliegence. Then they handed out the certificates. After that, Mrs. Miller gave a heartfelt speech about her class. She stated that she said a prayer every night for these wonderful children and you could just feel the sincerity in her words. As her eyes misted over, tears streamed down my cheeks. How fortunate for my grand ones to have her for the beginning of their schooling.

Congratulations, Emma.

Thank you ever so much, Mrs. Miller.

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