Friday, May 15, 2009

I adore Bob

This is his story.....

Arrival Story:I was lost and wandering...
I just dont talk about how long nor do I talk about where I came from. I keep that to myself. But as fate would have it, I ended up at this house where I now live. The lady there really thought she had no room for me because she had 7 other dogs. But I did my best to impress her. I was very hungry and very thirsty. It was June 2006. I had ticks and stickers all over my body and really, I probably didnt have much time left before I would have died. So...after a few days ...I won their hearts! They finally said I could stay instead of going to a rescue place! I was so excited. I never want to leave and I adore my new family. I now have a great life and a pretty good routine. I go for a walk every single morning and then I have breakfast. Then my daddy always gives me a bisquit. 5 days a week my Mommy goes to work. In the beginning I just knew she wouldnt come back when she left, but now I understand that she does!! So its getting better. Every night my Mommy gives me dinner and then she lets me go to the barn with her while she feeds the other animals..But I am still the BOSS around here...make no mistake. I let all the other animals know it too!! I love my Mommy and she takes really great care of me. I searched and searched until I found just the right place to live. I will now be forever happy. For sure!!

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