Thursday, May 28, 2009

Longs Community Store, East Waterford, Pennsylvania

Tragically, Longs store burned to the ground last Saturday night. A drunk driver ran his pickup through the store and it caught on fire, setting the scene ablaze. Total loss. Burned to the ground.

I am sad this happened. I grew up going to this store. We ran a bill there when I was a kid, and then when my Dad got paid, my Mom drove over to the store and paid the bill. They had everything in that store. Groceries, hardware, ammunition, candy, gas and sand. It was the coolest little store anywhere in small town America. My Mom worked there too..My Grandmother does most of her shopping there or I should say that my Aunt Sandy gets her things for her now.....

I read in the Lewistown Sentinel that Denny Long doesnt know yet if he will rebuild, but I have a feeling he will. He is really needed in the community.

Denny, please dont give up....

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