Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spur of the moment..

None of this was planned.
I was out Saturday morning going to yard sales. I had on shorts and t-shirt and my hair in a pony tail.
I bought a lamp for Angela, and some purses and things for the girls, and a book about magic for Dylan..
Next thing I know, Im here..
And so are they...(how DO you get lashes like this???)
I show up at home a few hours later soaking wet from head to toe...
Mickey said, "Where have you been?"....
Im such a wild woman...

Im a rock star...

in someones eyes.....



Friday, June 26, 2009

A break from the heat...

Taking a winter stroll

Dont worry I'll be back!!!

I have a bisquit and you cant have it!!

Just a little too chilly to cook....

Colder days from the past....



Get well Yuki

Thinking of you and hoping you get better!!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Mother

This is my mom..(Can you tell Im having a homesick day??)

She also lives back in Pennsylvania. I miss her. My mom is a lot of fun.

Im just not going to talk about all the fun we have had through the years because I'll get even more homesick..

Im not going to talk about all the times she drove with her headlights off when the moon was bright enough for her to see, just to make us kids think she was being such a rebel.

Im NOT going to talk about all the times we told her to drive fast over the *tickle bridge* so we would bounce off the seats laughing hysterically. (Mom, what DID that do to your car??)

Im not going to talk about that Christmas after all the gifts were opened she reached behind the sofa and pulled out a guitar for me and made me cry with joy...

Oh and Im definately not going to talk about the time I was in the hospital for surgery and my mom sat beside my bed with me. I would wake up and she would have different clothes on because it was the next day but there she was. I wont talk about it.

And you WONT hear me talk about the flower power wallpaper she hung up in my bedroom that would have made the blind see once more..

Or all the trips to girl scouts and 4H and all the other stuff I wanted to do. And keep in mind there were 5 of us...the rest were'nt nearly the angel that I was.

And finally, Im not going to talk about all the times I came home from school to a house that smelled of pine sol and spaghetti sauce and thought it was what made the world go round.

Nope, I wont talk about it today.



My own Grandmother

I dont know how many times it happens in life, not only am I grandmother, but I still have my own grandmother...

We are close. Very much.

Im sure there are lots of you out there that spent a LOT of time with your grandmother growing up.

That is your second home.

Its where you go when no one else understands you.

Where you go when your brothers and sisters are driving you crazy .

Where you go when you have the flu and nothing else is working.

Where you go for chicken dinner on Sundays.

Where you go on Christmas, Easter, New Years, Birthdays and everything in between.

This is the person who will save your drawings from first grade and give them to you 40 years later.

This is the person who will welcome you back home at any phase of your life like you were 3 years old.

This is the person who will listen intently to you on the phone talk about yourself for an hour before she says a word. And..actually be interested the entire time...

Her house will always be home to you. It might just be because your room there looks the same way as it did when you left. Nothing changes at your Grandmas house.

My Grandma will turn 90 this November.

I will go back *home* then...and were going to celebrate!

Hug your Grandma today..Thats an order!



Grandmas water park..

Ok...It may not be the Hilton, but it works!!!

Just keepin it cool in Oklahoma.


Name that bird

Does anyone know what kind of bird this is?

Its really beautiful!

It hasnt been around for a couple of months, I guess since it has become so warm..

But I would like to know the name of this bird. Surely the name will be as lovely as the bird.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How we roll here in Oklahoma

When we go somewhere, Bob wants to go too. Sometimes its ok and other times its best he stays home...

But boy is he happy when he gets to go along!!!

That is all.


Second place is not that bad....

When you can be this happy.
Congratulations Ms. Emma....Good job!!!!
Love you,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The barter system lives!!!

Mickey digs for a living. Most of his adult life he has done this. For the last 10 years he has had his own business. Its just Mickey and Curt, our son...

This is a picture of one of our machines in the backround of two kids who were supposed to just wait for Grandma to feed...No luck there!!!

Anyway..Mickey did some digging for a guy who wanted to put in a garden..Mickey dug up lots of tree stumps so this man could prepare the ground..well....

Look what he gave us!!!

No not Bob, but all the potatoes and onions!! Yummy.....

Not a bad deal...


Oh Oklahoma.....

I was just getting settled in.. I was just starting to embrace you. Nearly 18 years of my life I have now given to you. I have cried and bled and worked on these acres that are part of you. I have given you my family to help the future of this great state. Then you do this...

And this is 7:30 in the evening when I need to get things done around here. There are flowers and veggies screaming for a cold drink of water. Im recovering from doing the barn chores and trying to cool down. And now today you may break a record.. Why Oklahoma?

But wait...Isnt it always good to look on the bright side of things? Ok lets do it! One of the main things I love about Oklahoma is the sky. Its huge! Its everchanging. Its sometimes cheery and bright and other times ominous and scarey and loud! Ive always enjoyed the Oklahoma sky.

And what about all the good people we know here? And our business? And my job with State Farm?

And you know I would not have met this face if I hadnt moved to Oklahoma...


Ok, Oklahoma..I'll roll with you this summer. I'll sweat and complain and move ahead...But just so you know..I am looking forward to my trip to Pennsylvania later this year, so there!!!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Fudrs Day

Could it possibly get any cuter?

I dont think so..



Fun with fishing

We decided to go fishing on Fathers day..

So we made sandwiches...and packed drinks..

The we went down to the neighbors pond. Of course we had permission..Can you see the thousands of goldfish in this pond?

It was super hot...Dylan was getting bored. I was hoping for something to happen..Something exciting that would get the kids all interested again...

Then it happened! This is Dylans first fish!

We caught several....You can see that Bob was excited too. Bob spent his time inspecting fish, and swimming in the pond amongst the branches and our lines! He spent about 30 minutes in the bath that night...

Here is Papa helping Emma fish..

We had a good time fishing with the grandones and look forward to many fishing trips to come..



To play or not to play...

Sometimes you just dont feel like playing...But your Mom says you are...

Cause you know that even during practice your brother is dancing right behind you..

and yelling things while he is showing blue teeth from his candy...

and your just not into playing....

But you do it anyway...and somehow...your team wins...

and its all worth it.......

Friday, June 19, 2009

Just because its Friday and my Dads birthday

Today would have been my Dads 71st birthday. I miss him. I want to call him and have him come over and watch the kids fish and swim and play on Fathers day this Sunday.

I want to fill him in on all the stuff thats happened since July 28th 1990 when he went to work and was killed on his job in a freak accident.

I want to show him how Ive grown up and settled into life and enjoy being a grandma and tell him that Mickey is now a grandfather and doing well with that.

I want to tell him about my job at State Farm and how Mickey built a business with Curt and how its still going in this recession.

I want to show him my land and all the things that grow there.

I want him to meet Bob and all the other animals that reside with us. My dad loved dogs..

There are a hundred things I want to show him and a thousand things I want to say.

When my grandfather died when I was 5, I thought I would never get over it. I loved him so much and we spent so much time together. Being that young I didnt understand and was told he was in the sky. I searched for him and found him. He must be on the moon. I would look up at that moon and pretend he could see me and wave. I would pretend he could see me too.

I always love when I can see the moon even on a bright sunny day..

I miss you both...And will be thinking of you on this fathers day...

The plant from Mom

My mother came to visit me in Oklahoma 10 years ago. She brought along a plant for me. It is a mother in laws tounge or snake plant. She had it in a pot in her attic and hadnt watered it for months and it grew and grew and broke the pot! Anyway..I planted it and time went on..She just told me the other day that it might be around 35 years old. I thought she might like to see what it looks like today.

And more of it....

And yet more of it....

It has thrived and multiplied...SO..when you come to visit again, you can take some back with you!!!!!

Some more favorite pictures..

I love this face..

My favorite princess ever!

Calling Dr Dylan....who is that in the back? Nurse Emma..

What happens when you stay at Grandmas house..

Have a great weekend everyone!!