Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Before she was mine

Marley lived in a puppy mill for maybe 8 or 9 years...

Here is how she came to be with me.

I went to a rescue in Prague Oklahoma looking for a friend for Bob. That was my intention. I had decided on this and it took me about a year to go ahead with it. It is a BIG decision to add another member to the family and I wanted to be certain I was ready and Mickey too. I looked on the rescue site for weeks and then made an appointment and drove there with the intention of choosing between 2 or 3 dogs I liked. You know what they say about the best layed plans!

I looked at all the dogs the rescue lady had and she had LOTS. Its hard to imagine why so many dogs end up here. Sometimes they get lost but most of the time they are abandoned. Almost always they are starving or beaten or covered in fleas. Other times they are so abused they look as if they will never be happy. One even had his ears cut off by someone. Why? I will never understand.

Then there she was. One look and it was over. I had decided. I forgot all about getting a dog to match Bobs temperment and activity level. I forgot that I was looking for a dog to spend the days PLAYING with Bob while we went to work. All I saw was an older dog that was scared and lonely and probably never had a kind word spoken to her or a gentle hand until the rescue lady. I fell in love that moment and vowed to take care of her. She was mine.

It hasnt been easy. She had to have a few vet appts to remove all teeth except 2. She has a crazy body odor that cant be controlled with antibiotics or shampoos. She has to be bathed at LEAST once a week. She will not get the jest of housebreaking. She is still scared of loud noises and if you turn your back too long, will head for Peebly road. Yikes!

But we love her, and keep trying. She has progressed a LOT tho considering. One thing for sure is she LOVES me and ADORES me and I am the apple of her eye. She will live always with me and never have to be in a cage again. Never.

Please do not buy your next pet from a pet store. Adopt. You wont regret it.



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