Friday, June 12, 2009

Bless her heart

Addyson is not feeling well.. She has a virus. A fever. And swollen eyes. We suspect she has allergies just like her brother, but she cant be tested until she is two years old. She is going to the Dr's this morning on her follow up. She will spend the day with me tomorrow.

Get better Ms Addy.

I remember back when she was born. I took Dylan and Emma to the hospital to see their new little sister. One of the first questions they had was when would she be a kid. Cute.
And Emma wanted to be a big sister and help.
And then I think back on the times we put Addy in tubs..Sometimes with just a blanket.

And then there were those others times we put her in a tub with vegetables and flowers just for the sake of *art*. Please forgive us Addy. We were just trying to be creative.
We love you.....

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