Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This is Dinky. He is an Angora goat. I have had him also since he was tiny. Matter of fact he rode in a box on my front seat when I got him. He was so little when he was born and had to fight just to eat. Dee, my friend, asked me if I wanted him because she said he was *special*. Well, I'll be darned if she wasnt right! He is special. And he is also a prankster. And a baby.

He has a very special relationship with my sister in law, Sue. He kinda thinks she might be his girlfriend but she doesnt have the nerve to tell him shes already married to a human. Although, she does have a picture of him in her house. Mixed signals. (Smile)

Once we noticed the water hydrant on down in the pasture and it appeared the water had been running all day. Mickey asked if I forgot to turn it off, and I didnt think so but who knows? Then it happened again. I thought I was loosing my mind. Then we just happened to catch Dinky rubbing his head up and down on the hydrant and turning it on and walking away. I had to put a special latch on it.

He likes to bite Mickey every chance he gets! He also likes to grab hold of your shirt and yank! He picks on Ben constantly and then wonders why Ben might get upset. Hes just a royal mess I tell ya. Some might just call him special. Love ya Dinky boy.


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