Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Mother

This is my mom..(Can you tell Im having a homesick day??)

She also lives back in Pennsylvania. I miss her. My mom is a lot of fun.

Im just not going to talk about all the fun we have had through the years because I'll get even more homesick..

Im not going to talk about all the times she drove with her headlights off when the moon was bright enough for her to see, just to make us kids think she was being such a rebel.

Im NOT going to talk about all the times we told her to drive fast over the *tickle bridge* so we would bounce off the seats laughing hysterically. (Mom, what DID that do to your car??)

Im not going to talk about that Christmas after all the gifts were opened she reached behind the sofa and pulled out a guitar for me and made me cry with joy...

Oh and Im definately not going to talk about the time I was in the hospital for surgery and my mom sat beside my bed with me. I would wake up and she would have different clothes on because it was the next day but there she was. I wont talk about it.

And you WONT hear me talk about the flower power wallpaper she hung up in my bedroom that would have made the blind see once more..

Or all the trips to girl scouts and 4H and all the other stuff I wanted to do. And keep in mind there were 5 of us...the rest were'nt nearly the angel that I was.

And finally, Im not going to talk about all the times I came home from school to a house that smelled of pine sol and spaghetti sauce and thought it was what made the world go round.

Nope, I wont talk about it today.



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