Thursday, June 25, 2009

My own Grandmother

I dont know how many times it happens in life, not only am I grandmother, but I still have my own grandmother...

We are close. Very much.

Im sure there are lots of you out there that spent a LOT of time with your grandmother growing up.

That is your second home.

Its where you go when no one else understands you.

Where you go when your brothers and sisters are driving you crazy .

Where you go when you have the flu and nothing else is working.

Where you go for chicken dinner on Sundays.

Where you go on Christmas, Easter, New Years, Birthdays and everything in between.

This is the person who will save your drawings from first grade and give them to you 40 years later.

This is the person who will welcome you back home at any phase of your life like you were 3 years old.

This is the person who will listen intently to you on the phone talk about yourself for an hour before she says a word. And..actually be interested the entire time...

Her house will always be home to you. It might just be because your room there looks the same way as it did when you left. Nothing changes at your Grandmas house.

My Grandma will turn 90 this November.

I will go back *home* then...and were going to celebrate!

Hug your Grandma today..Thats an order!



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