Monday, June 8, 2009

My "Peoples"

Once Emma was at my house and our neighbor drove down his lane and Emma stood out in the middle of the yard just waving and waving at them as they went by. They kindly waved back. I asked Emma what she was doing and she said, "waving". I said, but you dont even know them. She turned to me with a very surprised look on her face and stated, "but Grandma, they are my peoples!".

Thought I would start a series of some of the "peoples" in my life. I'll start off with my son, Curt, and his wife, Angela.

Angela is the best mother ever. She is soft spoken and kind and has fun with the kids. She sees that they get to church, basketball, t-ball, soccer and the hundred other things they do.

She is good to me and mine. I love her.

And Curt. An only kid. A personable guy. A good dad. Very funny and witty. He loves sports and his yard, and takes them both very serious.

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