Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some of my favorite pictures...Part 1

When the kids spend the night we usually always make pancakes and they get to make their own..They love this..They are really good at cracking an egg..

I did this in photoshop one year and sent it along with the Christmas cards. Funny thing is tho most of my family thought I actually did put hats on everyone...

This is Dylan and Emma riding on Thomas the Train when he came to Oklahoma City. We had a great time except it was extremely hot that day!

Dylan and Emma camping out at Grandmas house. I set them up with TV and Tom and Jerry movies. We spent the whole night outside and not one person went to the house during the night. But Bob kept running in and out of the tent and I got very little sleep.
But I wouldnt trade the memories for the world.
Signed sincerely,

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