Thursday, June 11, 2009

This is Shirley

Shirley is Mickeys dog. He named her. She lives in the shop with yet another dog we have named, Sandy. (Her story later) They have a doggie door and a huge fenced yard beside the shop. She is part Mastiff and part Chow. She had a wonderful mother who was a stray (primarily) (her owners let her run) that had a litter under our outbuilding. We kept one, Shirley. Her mother ended up getting hit by a car as Peebly is a very busy road.

Shirley is really sweet and likes to chase her own tail and go for walks and LOVES to come in the house to visit now and then. She also loves bisquits but especially she loves to drag boxes and gloves and paper and an occasional check out to the fenced in yard. You have to keep your eye on Shirley.

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