Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy birthday Jim...

This is my mom's husband Jim...One of the nicest guys around. Takes everything in stride. Guess its a good thing since he did marry a woman that had 5 children..! Yikes!!!!

Today is his birthday...

This is what he looked like when he married my mother.. Look how happy he was!!! And look how he styled his hair....Very fashionable..

Not much has changed over the years...Still looks happy here and same hair...

Yep...still the same...Looks like Mom changed her hair..Not Jim tho.

Wait!! I think I see just a tad of gray around his temples..And..he has resorted to playing with dolls at this age...!!!

Hang in there Jim..Its all going to be ok...

One of my favorite things about Jim, are his Elvis impersonations.. Not like in Las Vegas or anything like that, but just for us. Yes..we are his audience and his biggest fans... Well there was this one time....

We had gone out to dinner at the local VFW .....Friday night.. There we were in our booth and someone played an Elvis song. For the life of me I cant remember which one except I do know it was a goes Jim...He flips up his collar and begins to shake his leg.

Mom and I look at each other and we just KNOW whats going to happen. We cant believe it..OMGOSH! Don't do it!!! Its like that Ray Stevens song about the streak, don't look Ethel!!!

But there he goes...He takes the dance floor and does the whole song...No one else is up there..Just Jim....looking and acting like Elvis!!!! The whole place breaks into applause...
Jim doesn't miss a beat...He doesn't even seem to realize that he is the ONLY one on the floor or maybe he does and just doesn't care...It was almost like Elvis came back to earth just for one more song...

We are laughing so hard there are tears rolling down our faces....It was classic...

So you have a great birthday today, Jim....Get out there and shake a leg why don't you?




  1. Happy Birthday, Jim! Melinda's story about you had me All Shook Up. lol


  2. You must have so much fun at your house! Get that video camera out. I'll bet you could win big bucks on AFV.

  3. Happy Birthday Jim! I think you have a classy name! And it sounds like a great Elvis impersonation too!

  4. Happy belated birthday, Jim!
    What fun he must have been while you were growing up!