Monday, July 27, 2009

A history tour

A couple of years ago I took my two grandchildren to Pennsylvania...It was their first plane ride. We stayed for 10 days..There was a lot to be done in that length of time. We had lots of family to see and lots of places to visit..

Next summer I plan on taking another trip there with them again but this time we will have Addyson..all three.

Some very dear pictures that I took while there...More to follow in the weeks to come...

Here are Dylan and Emma eating peaches with their great great grandmother...Sitting at the same table that their great great grandfather, great grandfather, grandfather, and father have sat and had many meals, played cards, talked etc....

Dylan riding his daddys tricycle..

Emma rocking on her great great great grandfathers chair. It is fondly called the *thinking chair*.

The kids going through the french doors that were built by my own grandmothers father. This is the same house my grandmother grew up in. This was a Sears and Roebuck house..

How about playing the piano at their other great great grandmothers house?

Getting some elderly advice...

Or eating off the same plates that I did as a kid..And showing how big your muscles are growing from all the good food!!

My daughter in law and I had a great time! We are really looking forward to driving next year instead of flying so we can introduce the little ones to other areas of the United States.



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