Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hummingbird Chat

This is Mildred....Shes flying in early for her breakfast....

"What a pleasant morning for a nice quiet breakfast" Mildred thinks to herself.

"Oh how I love it when these people make my drink just a little extra sweet...."

"Helen! What are you doing here this morning?"
"Oh Mildred, I was just coming by for a little drink, nothing more."

"Mary! What are you doing here this morning? Dont you usually eat breakfast over at the Anderson residence?"
"Oh the Anderson's were out of food over there..The feeder was empty. Yes, thats it. The feeder was empty. Nothin more." Said Mary.

"Ester! What in the world are you doing here today?! What is going on with everyone?" Said Mildred.

Mildred had a sneaky suspicion that she might just know why all the ladies were suddenly eating at the big window feeder..

Could just be the same reason Mildred was really there......

Might have something to do with the handsome lad with the bright red necktie...
Girls....tsk tsk....

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  1. so nice to 'meet' Mildred :)and helen and mary... :) so sweet!