Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Interior ideas please

We are planning on doing some sprucing up ......

We need all new flooring in our house and in the process of the overhaul, we plan on painting and knocking out a wall or two....

I would love to have some ideas on a few *problem* areas...

For instance in our office. Do you see where the file cabinet is to the left? That is a closet. Should I put a door on that or a curtain or how about those beads from the 1970's..What do you think? Or should I just leave it open?

What about the laundry area? Would you leave as is? Would you paint the cabinets? Would you get a stackable washer and dryer and have a broom closet beside that?

We are actually thinking of knocking out this wall going up the stairs..The one to the right. Then making a handrail and taking the carpet off the stairs and exposing the wood. Would you do that? If not, why?

Another view of stairs.

This is probably the main problem I have with the entire house. See that large wooden"pillar" in the center of the room? What a pain!! But it supports, I think, part of the room upstairs. How would you take care of this problem? As you can tell I have a very old house. Originally built in 1955 and added on through the years. Its crooked and crazy but I really like my house. Just needs some improvement..

Ok, here is the dining area off the kitchen. Border is out of style? What color should I paint? Should the ceiling fan over the table go? What would you do?

And last but not least, this wall. It is in the living room..Granted the wood is pretty and someone took some time to do this but I think it makes the room dark and seem smaller. Would you paint over the wood or tear it off and put up sheetrock and paint? Would you keep that wood looking wall as is?
Would you let your pets on your furniture? Would you let your cat get this fat? Would you let your dog flatten the cushions on your couch? Tell me.



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  1. Here's my opinion for what it's worth -
    Office - I'd opt for a frosted paned door or a curtain depending on how much room you have to open a door.
    Laundry - leave as is or maybe paint the walls, not the cabinets. I love them, maybe because they are much like mine.
    Stairs - If knocking out the wall would give you more room I'm all about that. Exposing the wood on the stairs would be beautiful. I love stained wood.
    Pillar - Lost of the newer homes I've been in have pillars that separate various areas in an open floor plan.
    Dining - I'm told border is out. Yours looks like it has green vines. What if you painted the walls, for lack of a better description, a softer version of the old avocado green? I'd replace the fan with a small chandelier.
    Wood wall - I'd either leave the wall as is because it really goes with the age of your home or, if you really want to do something different, I'd take it out, use the wood for some other project and put in sheet rock. It would be a shame to paint over that beautiful wood.
    Pets - Our 3 Yorkies are all over our house and sleep with us. What more can I say?