Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28, 1990

I always wanted my blog to be happy...Filled with fun and kids and laughs...and Bob..

But you all know as well as I do that sometimes we are faced with things that arent happy.

This date..July 28th...Its the day my dad died. And actually he didnt just die but was tragically killed while at work. Only 52 years old. We all miss him terribly..

Wish I could turn back time and make it all better..

I just wanted to share some things about him with you...

My dad was born on June 19, 1938...

He was born to these two...

My grandfather..

and ...my grandmother..

He was born upstairs in the house my grandma grew up in. My grandmother was young and really didnt know what to expect when she gave birth. She told me that during labor she began to loose her eyesight..The room grew darker and darker but she thought it was all just part of it and never told anyone..OMGosh!! She could barely see at all...She was actually very sick and could have died!!!

Here are some pictures I took from his baby book at my grandmothers house..I love how the "Eckard girls" gave him a quarter and a rattle..so cute!

Wonder what the 'cat doll' looked like???

I think also it was remarkable he didnt get sick until he was 5 months old. They did a very good job taking care of him in spite of my grandmother being so young..

Dont you know they had a time with keeping the 9 month old off the stairs!! Yikes!!!!

Here is the page where they were to record the events of his 3rd birthday...Doesnt look like he had a very good time for his 3rd birthday...

According to my grandmother, he was a very active child...Probably ...trying.. (smile)

But he grew up and went to school and matured into a man.....

He joined the navy and traveled the world.. He told me stories of sea turtles and friends and peeling potatoes....

He came home and married my mother....

He worked hard all his life....Doing very gruelling work..

But I dont think he would have done much differently.

He had a lot of friends. He had a family that loved him. He loved going to sales and being a collector. He had a good heart..

That he did..

He was tough and sensitive. He loved us.. He had a grin that couldn't be imitated, but it passed through me to my son and now my grandson. I stop every time I see it.

He loved to have fun but he was also a hard worker. He was always for the underdog and wanted us to be the same.

Thats my dad..




  1. My Dad passed a little over three years ago and there are still times I get the urge to call him up, just to say hello. I miss him so. I can definitely relate to this post.
    And thank you for visiting!

  2. What a wonderful tribute to your dad. Your post made me think of something else.

    I can't remember if I told you or not, but I'm a children's author. I have a writer's blog at

    I try to post writing activities that are different. I wonder if anyone (including you) might be interested in writing or journaling about their families? I'd love for you to check out that blog and leave me your ideas!

    Meanwhile, I WILL get more photos about the show and Tango up on Thursday. I've got more to tell!

    And...once again, your little Bob reminds me so much of my Kelly....

  3. What a touching tribute to you dad. I enjoyed reading it very much.

  4. I'm sorry for my typo. What a touching tribute to YOUR dad.