Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last night

Last night I was in the house taking some pictures of this and that and getting things in order because we were expecting a storm. Lightning, hail, you know.. that kind of stuff. Well, Marley gets really nervous when she hears thunder so I was holding her and telling her it was going to be ok. Then I broke out the herbal drops and gave her some. It helps..

Anyway Im taking pictures of some things I may use in the future for my blog and Mickey comes in the back door and tells me to come outside and watch the sky with him. He KNOWS how much I LOVE the Oklahoma sky..

Bob said, "Sure, lets go!".

So I grab my camera and head out and take a seat on the bench beside my husband....The show begins...

It was beautiful and scarey and exhilirating...

The storm was just far enough away to sit and watch and be dry and safe where we were..

I was wishing I had taken a camera class like Mickey suggested but of course I havent yet....

I was wishing I had a super duper lightning lens to take really fantastic shots.... The storm was getting louder and louder and the flashes were coming faster and faster...

I was wishing I could see in the dark to explore the 1001 possibilites that exist on my camera and figure out how to take the perfect shot.. Not like this shakey shot below...

Suddenly out of nowhere this happened..!!!!


And I ran in the house and closed the door and took some herbal drops and crawled under the bed with Marley.

I am now officially afraid of storms..



ps. Mom, dont worry..I promise I'll be good when the next storm comes, ok????


  1. I think those are incredible pictures! I know what you mean about taking a class. I really need to, too.