Monday, July 6, 2009

Mickey can do lots of things

He can grow gourds and make bird houses out of them..

He can build bird feeders that hold 100 lbs. of feed.

He can build raised beds and then build shade cloth cover.

He can build an outside cook area and keep hedges trimmed.

He can build a little excavating business and employ our son and take care of all of us..

He can build things out of cedar, like this area that will be outside sink and potting area.
He also has installed water hydrants all over the property to make life easier for me.

He can build a very sturdy fence..

He can ride a motorcycle..

He is very creative..

He can make anything work better...

Like building bigger wheels to make this go smoother..

He built me a barn to house my goats.

He has accepted me having a hundred pets. (I have to add that he is allergic to most of them)
I think I kinda like him..

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