Friday, July 10, 2009

My job

This is where I work.

This is what my desk looks like.

I do have a window.

I have this adorable monkey sitting on my desk that holds my business cards. Hes cast iron and weighs quite a few pounds.

This is an absolute lifesaver! Hands free head set. Dont leave home without it!

My little bitty fan that really works great!

What all the kids look forward to that visit the office.

What I press when I really want to annoy my co-workers. (Which is often)

What customers play with. Over and over and over and over.

My beautiful artwork done by Dylan and Emma.

What a mess....I guess you can see that I did NOT inherit my mothers desire to be totally spotless. Nope, I didnt...Hope she doesnt see this. Shhhhhhh.......

I just might be blogging tomorrow from home so make sure to check in. I'll give you a little hint. Its going to be about hummingbirds. So IF you are a fan of the hummingbird, please check back. You too Gayle.



1 comment:

  1. Hey I will be here, and you should have a picture of my tatoo your brother did for me if this is going to be about my favorites !Can't wait to see it.