Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A pleasant surprise

I have this HUGE pot of caladiums that MUST be in a perfect spot. It is quite shaded during the daylight hours and watered nearly daily with just a touch of evening sun. The other evening when I was watering, I noticed something...

What is that? I never saw one flower before!!! I was so excited!!!

I ran in the house and grabbed my camera and began shooting picture after picture.. I could hardly contain my excitement!!!! Its a miracle..I wanted to tell everyone!!!!
Some were more excited than others...Im NOT mentioning any names tho...
Tell me your latest discovery..


  1. After reading your comment on my blog I checked mapquest to see where your son races. Our son lives in OKC and our grandsons have raced their karts at Harrah many times.

    What class does your son race?

  2. Woops! My previous comment could be confusing. Our son has 2 boys too(ages 7 and almost 9) but our grandsons that race (ages 14 and 16) live near us.

  3. My latest discovery was that there was actually a DESK hiding under all the *stuff* that has been covering it for a long time!