Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer treat...Lemon ice cream

So last night I say to Bob...."Im going to make some ice cream".

He just looked at me and followed me into the house...

This ice cream recipe came from my mother in law (Tibby) who got it from her sister in law (Helen)... When Tibby came to visit Mickey and I in Oklahoma once, bringing along my sister in law (Sue), she (Tibby) made this for us. Are you confused? Dont be...anyway..
Here is how it goes....

Get yourself two lovely lemons...

Some heavy whipping cream. Not light, heavy. One pint. Dont worry about calories..I dont.

Sugar. The REAL stuff. Dont worry about calories. I dont.

You will need a zester. If you dont have one, you can use a grater.

So all together now....
Take one pint of heavy whipping cream and one cup of sugar and mix thoroughly in a bowl.
Keep off some of the calories that you know are coming later. If you worry about that kind of stuff. I dont.

Keep mixing until its all smooth and sugar is dissolved.

Then add the juice and zest of the lemons. It becomes magic right about now and begins to thicken a bit. Then, should you desire, you can add a squirt of yellow food coloring. I didnt have any so I didnt, BUT you sure can if you want. Tibby says she does...and since this IS her recipe, if you have it, use it.

Then pour into bowl, cover and freeze.
This simple yet delicious dish will make you happy. I promise..Try it tonight.
You can thank me tomorrow.

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  1. Oh, this looks so refreshing! What a lovely recipe and without the hassle of the ice-cream machine. Melinda, I LOVE your blog and am so glad you posted on mine as I would never have known yours existed. Thank you for the sweet comments!