Monday, July 13, 2009

Too hot for anything

I used to really look forward to the weekends...

But lately...not so much...You really cant get out and move around in the afternoons. Today the actual temperature is going to be 106 and with the index a LOT more than that..

I thought maybe I would try to do something with my spices..

Like organize them or something.
My sister in law came to visit once and did it for me.. Sue!!! Come back!!!!

Then I thought...Why not share a couple of favorite things!?!

Like Monkey Rub. If you havent tried it out and get some today.. It has a sweet hot delicious taste...Use it for steaks, chicken or whatever you want....

If nothing else....Get yourself some Cavenders. All purpose greek seasoning. We use it primarily on our steaks...Subtle but necessary...Trust me, you'll love it and never grill without it again.
That is all.


  1. I hear you on the heat!! Its srcorching hott!! I don't feel like being out in it either, yuck. Those spices look super interesting wonder if I can find the monkey rub?!!

  2. I'd love to know where you can get Monkey Rub in the OKC area since I'll be there next week.

    We LOVE Cavendar's! We even add it to sour cream for a quick dip. YUM!