Thursday, July 16, 2009

Whats in a name?

Do you happen to know how your name came about?

This is how I got my name.
See the name on the stone?

This lady was my great great grandmother. I was named after her.

I was the first born. A planned pregnancy also I understand. I wonder who decided on my name? Afterall, I was named after my fathers great grandmother, and I was told my dad actually wanted me to be named Susie. Not Susan. Not Sue. Susie.
So were they sitting around talking about it and the in laws and relatives stepped in and said, "What do you mean Susie??!!!!!" " We wont have any of that talk!" "You are too young to name a child!!" "Her name will be Melinda and that's that!"
Did they not even have a say in it????
And then did my dad ask for Sue to be my middle name, so that he could have somewhat of his original request? Hmm..I wonder..
And did my mom just sit there with this kicking baby in her belly and not say a word? Did she say to herself, "Whatever..I'll have 4 more children after this and I will name at least one of them what I want!". Did she mind at all? Did she secretly want to name me Reta? Was that it mom? I knew it!!! Ive always loved that name!!!! I always thought I looked just like a Reta or Rita!!!

Wonder if its too late now to change it????

Probably..Oh well...(Just teasing mom)

I still have my very own Reta at home.....

Little does she know how deep the roots run with her name..

Do you like your own name?
How did yours come about?
If you could, would you change your name?
Tell me...



  1. i was supposed to be a boy. haha. so my parents had a name all picked out, i dont know what it was and then i was a girl.. haha. SURPRISE!! so my dad paniced for a little bit and then he picked out my name and i guess that was to much work cause he just used his moms name for my middle name.

  2. I just read your comment on my blog (thanks a bunch!) and had to check yours out.

    My given name is Deborah Annalouise. That's a mouthful for a little girl growing up, not to mention the fact that my maiden name was rather long too.

    My maternal step-grandfather wanted my parents to name me Ernestine after him. Although I loved him very much I am very glad that one of my mother's friends wanted her to name me after Debbie Reynolds. I assume that's where the Deborah comes from.

    My middle name is a combination of my mother's middle name and my paternal grandmother's name.

    I'm told Mom was going to name me Deborah Louise but then one of my aunts came to visit and told my dad that he should name me after their mother. So, Dad told Mom my name was going to be Deborah Anna.

    A big discussion followed with Mom concluding it by saying something like, "Her name is Deborah Louise - you can stick the Anna anywhere you want, but it's Deborah Louise." The compromise was Deborah Annalouise.

    I never cared much for my name until one day it came to me that they could have named me Ernestine and my middle name could have been reversed, making my name Ernestine Louisiana.

    I'm happy with my name after all.

    Love your blog and I'll be back!