Friday, August 7, 2009

2008 Factory Stock Champion and Rookie of the Year

Those of you with children know that from time to time we inherit things from our children. Like when they move out, we get the things they no longer want or think they need..

I have inherited a black lab in the past...along with a yellow tabby cat.. Also numerous books, clothing, car parts, tennis rackets etc...Somewhere along the line, a mother needs to draw the line. I now have this.....

Because I have acreage my son thinks its ok to "store" things here...

But what in the world do I do with this??????

I think back when the engine was running and going great guns...

We would load up every Saturday night and go out and cheer and yell and jump up and down and worry and experience every emotion under the sun...

We would have fun things for the kids to do and have t-shirts saying we were part of the "team".

He won the factory stock championship..

He also made Rookie of the Year and believe it or not, perfect attendance..
(Not when he was in school..go figure)

It was a season to remember. We had a blast and we were so proud of him...

He spends ALL of his time doing things for the kids, so it was nice for him to have some "me" time..

The dust has settled..The trophy is in its spot in his garage and I'm left with the memories and this...

Whats a mother to do? Please tell me..



  1. Hmmmm, well, you could sell it to another driver, or part it out or maybe sell it for scrap.
    That is unless it has a sentimental value to it. Then move it to a corner, tarp it and go peek at it every now and again.

  2. I have a couple *lawn ornaments* like that also but not nearly as fancy as that one! I keep thinking that one of these days I'll fix em up and get em going again but doubt that I ever really will!

  3. I'll have to show this post to our grandsons. Luckily their folks have 15 acres so they can keep the big stuff at their house.

  4. Trust me when I say I understand and I don't have 15 acres!

  5. Oh boy, I'd say scrap it or cover it up. Darn kids anyway!! What would we do without them? ... hmmmmm Nice memories and great photos, though. Let us know what you decided to do.