Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to school!!

There they go on the first day....Even the baby is now going to mothers day out 2 days a week and is she ever loving it!!!

With her new lunch pail Grandma got her.

Look at all the fun things the kids are doing!

Emma is being very colorful..

Dylan is doing great! Look at the happy face from the teacher..

I love this stuff..

They are having a good time right now. I really cant remember life before being Grandma. Must have been pretty boring..




  1. the kids are just so cute. glad they like school. they look like they are happy. dylans paper looked really good and so did emma's painting. addison is a sweet little girl. cannot wait to see them. mom

  2. The kiddos are so cute. I love that age! Wow! Star student of the week. Way to go Emma! Dylan's penmanship is very impressive.

  3. Adorable grandbabies!
    My first grandchild started kindergarten this year. They recently moved away and I miss her so much.