Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Be afraid...Be very afraid

This for real is at my house.. This for real IS my house..

Things like this...See the sword and the stone?

This is some of the things that Mickey does. Just different stuff.

We try to keep humor in our day...

Like the time I had a slow leak in one of my tires. It was when I first moved to Okla from Pennsylvania. Now I'm not totally stupid or anything but Mickey told me that because I lived in a different climate that the old air in my tires had to come out and new "Oklahoma" air had to be put in. OK...then my boss told me not to do it, it wasn't true....

Or the time Mickey went to bed and pulled back the blankets to find a stick horse head. Like in the Godfather.

We do crazy stuff like that all the time..

But this joke may be over the top..

Everything looks pretty normal in this picture, right?

But Bob says there is something up in the tree...

He is actually trying to climb and jump up into this tree.

Ive never seen a dog do this.

What do you suppose is up here?

A squirrel?

A bird?

OMGosh could it be a snake????


None of that... Please..Start the music from Physco when they pull back the shower curtain....

Who put this doll up the tree? And how did this doll stay up there during a HUGE storm?

This is just too weird....

Mickey..We are going to have to have a talk.



  1. That's funny!
    Oh, the ideas running through my head right now. tee hee
    I can't wait to get this started.
    Thank you!
    I used to do silly stuff like this all the time. What happened?!

  2. The doll in the tree is too funny just like the stick horse head in bed. I wonder where I could find one of those? Probably the one I like the best of all is the sword in the stone. It makes me think of Disney (I'm a big fan) and one of my new favorite tv shows - Merlin.