Thursday, August 6, 2009

Emma is just too cute...

She really wasn't into T-Ball in the beginning...She spent a lot of time gazing at her shoes. She spent considerable time watching clouds. She also was interested in what everyone was doing on the sidelines. Then she began to do much better. She really improved. Soccer definitely wasn't her thing this year.

This fall we are going to start some tumbling and gymnastics...This may be more interesting for her..Regardless, I think she is adorable, whatever she does. Grandchildren are really a lot of fun. I love this role..Grandma...


  1. Emma is adorable and she has a beautiful name. We love to watch t-ball games. Since our grandkids have outgrown t-ball now we go watch our friends' grandkids' t-ball games. I can't wait to hear all about Emma's tumbling/gymnastics experiences.

  2. tell Emma that grandma thinks she is just the girlie type.she will find something she likes to do. it is good just to be a girl. maybe she would like dance?

  3. Yes, she is!
    Eventually you'll find her knich.