Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Junk Drawer

Do you have a drawer where all your junk goes? Do you have just one? Would you show anyone whats in that drawer? Or even more important, would you show your mother?

Mom..Look!!! What a mess!!

I know theres good stuff in here. Lets look....

Mink Oil....When all Mickey wore was boots, he would use this. Now..its in the drawer waiting to be used...Why is it called Mink oil?

Here this is..unopened..Wont do much good in the drawer..

I have no idea what this key goes to.

See the glasses in the back? I bought those back in the 1980's. First trip to an eye Dr. I was driving one day and noticed that I could see black threads floating around.. Scared me to death! So I called and made an apt and was told they were floaters...


What are floaters? Floaters retain this name due to the fact that many people notice dark dots, lines or particles in their vision that move around as though floating in the eye. Floaters cast shadows on the retina, the light-sensitive tissue lining the back of the eye. The retina then sends visual signals to the brain, resulting in an image.
Floaters come and go with eye movements, such as blinking. They follow eye movements, but lag behind and float to a halt a few seconds after the eyes stop moving. These images are most obviously appear when looking at a bright, uniform field of vision, such as a white wall or a clear sky. People may experience one or several floaters in one eye or both. Floaters are not the same as the spots you see after looking at intense light such as from a flashbulb.


After I found out I would live and I wasn't going blind, he sold me some glasses. I think they cost me about 200$ at that time. Therefore, they stay in the drawer. After all that is 200$.

Same as the other pair. My second purchase...I am now on my third and they will probably join the group later..On second thought, these glasses are going to someone else that may be able to wear them. Someone that needs them..

A dog brush..Imagine that..

A face from a stereo. Why is this in there? Who does it belong to? Wasn't this expensive also?

Walkie talkies. Sure, why not?

Batteries...Thats pretty standard I guess.

A storm whistle. Why isn't this down in the storm shelter? I don't know. I'm sure my mother in law sent this to us. She send all kinds of nifty things. Shes cool.

Assorted combs..

And monkey postcards. Thanks Mom. I have hundreds of monkey items. I love monkeys. And gorillas and chimps. And dogs and goats and squirrels and rabbits and hummingbirds.

Have you ever been here? If not..when your in town. PLEASE check it out!!

You will love it...Even if your not into cowboys and Indians and horses, you cant help but be WOWED.

And this remains unopened. Why? My son is now 32 years old. Where have I gone wrong?

And who doesn't need a giant spider and several little bottles of bubble soap??? I ask you? This spider scares me every single time I open the drawer..Why don't I get rid of it???

Sometimes I worry about me.

What kind of interesting things do you have in your junk drawer? Naturally, I'm just assuming everyone has one.




  1. Right now there's not a junk drawer in the house. (That's not to say there's not a junk drawer or 2 in AD's shop though.)The main reason there's not one in the house right now is because of our fairly recent move. But there is a drawer that just keeps calling to me saying, "I think I need some junk in here." I'm fighting against it though. That Storm Whistle is very interesting. I've never seen one before and neither has AD (I just asked him.) It intrigues me like Deer Whistles do. I wonder if they really work?

  2. The storm whistle is still unopened..I need to try it out...I believe the deer whistles do work. I work in a State Farm office and we do give them away at times to our customers. Usually right after someone hits a deer...Go figure!

  3. Oh yeah, I have a couple of those. But what's in them? I'm afraid to look. Usually, I open it up and throw something in, then close it real fast. There might be a rather large black and purple spider in there waiting to crawl up my arm. *shudder*
    Seriously, get rid of that thing! tee hee