Friday, August 21, 2009

My co worker

This was my co worker.....10 years ago that is.

This is my co worker now. Same lady..sort of.

After....(just had to show this pose again)

We have worked together now for 12 years or so. She is very good at her job and people really like her. She has the biggest smile in the world.

About a year ago she started going to Weight Watchers. She went in support of her daughter and before we all knew it she started to fade away. She cut back on portions, started exercising and guess what? It worked!

Shes very happy these days. Her blood pressure dropped.
Her blood sugar improved. No more headaches. She doesn't get heartburn anymore. She is just all around a "new" person.
She has lost 54.6 pounds, so far.
Congratulations Linda! That is something to be proud of.
*Your jovial co-worker* wink


  1. You're darn right that's something to be proud of!!!
    Way to go, Linda!

  2. Linda, you have always glowed and had "His countenance upon" your face. Now you glow and your spirit just shines out even more. I love you no matter how much WE weigh and am so pleased for you. I know you are healthier and will be with us much longer now. As for me...only the good die young so I'll be here forever!!! Love ya!

  3. hey linda you sure look great. i am so happy for you. keep up the good work which i belive was hard work, but it sure payed off for you. you look 20 years youger. melinda has been telling me how good you look and she was so right. melinds's mom

  4. Melinda, Please congratulate Linda for me. She should be very proud.