Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer hair cuts

Two of my goats got their summer hair cuts. They are angora goats and believe me when I say that they were very happy to get that hair off. Lets have a look...

Aw..Excuse me, ladies. I would like to take a picture of Reta sporting her summer look...

Please..I dont have any cookies today so just let me get a picture of Reta..

Listen..Im not telling you again...I do NOT have any cookies...

Move aside..

Awww..There is lovely Reta looking very cool now without all the hair..

Now is that nice to stick out your tounge like that????..No cookies for 3 days for that gesture!!
Geez..Where are good manners these days?


  1. Give them the whole box! They are too cute! I love goats...