Thursday, September 17, 2009



I turned

50 50 50 50.......

My boss is taking us out to eat lunch at this restaurant...

Have a look...

Then I am picking up pizza after work and not doing anything tonight, that I know of, except watching Survivor and relaxing...

My phone keeps going off with messages. My boss just gave me a wonderful card (and a check). My friend Tracey sent me two beautiful poems. My son and daughter in law have sent me texts and emails. My friends Jersey (Traceys husband) and Donna (Traceys sister) sent me emails from Virginia. Its going to be a GREAT day...I received an ecard from my Aunt Gayle and Uncle frank (who doesnt read my blog) ...It was lovely...With a hummingbird..So many more well wishes keep coming..How did I get so lucky?

I took this picture one night while we were outside ....This bug was hanging on the chain of the outside fan. I swear he looks like he was waving at me...I like the picture...

Click on it to make it larger....See him looking and waving? I guess it has nothing to do with the fact that hes probably hanging on for dear life...I like to think he is actually waving..

I had a great nephew born this morning...How cool is that?


I have been blessed with Family, Friends and Life..

Thank you God...Thank you for blessing me.....

And thank you for sending me a real good dog....



  1. Happy Birthday to you! Your day looks filled with fun and celebration of all kinds. I took a peek at Rococo's menu and everything looks yummy. And a new great nephew born today to boot. How special of a birthday is that! That little waving bug of yours - I do believe I see a smile on its tiny face too. :) You are indeed a blessed woman. Have a terrific 50th birthday!

  2. Blessing and surprises are what today is about!
    I hope you get many, many more!!!

  3. Jeeze!! Do I feel bad, or badly.
    Guess you'll just get a happy un-birthday card.
    So, sorry.......
    Know that you had a good one.