Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bath time

Mommy..Why must I have a bath every week???

Tell me please....

Is it because I am the most photographed dog in the whole world?

Is it because I like to roll in the pasture?

It is? Really? That makes me smell bad? Your kidding?!!!

Oh as IF you didn't know that, Bob. Come on...

And why are you complaining? I'm the one that has to wear the bathrobe. Geez.

Bob and Marley


  1. That face is PRICELESS

  2. I love every single picture I see of you Bob...give me MORE!

  3. Thanks for posting on my blog. =)

    Bob is adorable, but as a child of the 70/80's your hail pictures really scared me! Oh boy do I remember those days!

  4. I can just hear Bob saying those exact words. It's amazing how you're able to translate his expressions into his exact words!Thanks for the smiles this evening!

  5. It's so you can stay all purdy and fluffy, so Mama can get good pictures.