Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I was splashed! First time anyone has given me an award!! Im so flattered!! Joan from splashed me..Thank you Joan!!! She has a blog called Notes from Oklahoma..

I wanted to tell you Mom, that I did not invent the blog. That there are many other blogs out there. 9 months ago I had no idea what a blog was. Then one day I was on a forum that referenced for a recipe. She has a dog named Charlie....

That lead to looking at other blogs and eventually starting my own.

The first person to ever respond to my blog was She is a childrens writer and a HUGE lover of animals. All types. She had a dog named Kelly that looked like Bob and her sadness just about broke my heart in two...She is a remarkable person.

Everyday I see what is doing...Usually its cooking or spending time with her grandchildren or baking or scrapebooking etc. Her family is into racing... She has got the energy and she doesnt even have one single junk drawer in her house!! And she has dogs..

I read Becky...She is in the country and always doing country type things like planting a garden or canning or just digging nature..And she has a dog I read this blog too. She is funny and crafty and she has a dog.. Also this one. She has a dog..or two and goats and chickens and well..have a look..She is a romance novel writer and clever and witty... And she can bake... I also read this blog but she doesnt have a dog. I asked her why...

I really want to know if your family has any cat? bird? fish? If so what and if not, why?

She replied...Did my Twerps have you send this in? Seriously?!?! They have been beggin for a pet. And I, being the cruel and evil mother that I am, have said -- Wanna Popsicle? And then they forget all about it. Sure they are going to be 8,421 pounds, but PET FREE. I consider it a small price to pay. In all seriousness we had Jeter. He was a 100 pound chocolate lab. And he was WILD. And when we moved from the Ghetto to the Plantation, we gave him away to a nice single young man who lived on a farm and can show Jeter the amount of attention he needs. And he knocked me and the Twerps down every chance we got. The dog, not the nice young single man on the farm. Just thought I should clarify. We had 2 fish since. I think we should just leave it there. Notice the past tense. August 29th is Baby Twerps birthday. We have told the boys when they are 7 and 5 we will get them a pet. BT will be 4 -- so technically we have another year. Funny thing about 4 year olds, they don;t really play on the whole technicality thing. Soooo -- I MIGHT MAYBE KINDA consider a hermit crab or hamster. Now, need I remind you of what happened to ET's class hamster a WEEK after we watched her? Again, past tense. Soooo -- we will see. I also enjoy pet rocks immensely

So there you go...That is a few of the blogs that I read..There are a few more and I will pass them on to you as I go. For right now I am at work and my boss wants me to actually work, can you imagine?

Thanks again for the award Joan. I really appreciate it and will pass it on to few other! Thank you!!!



PS. I corrected the pioneer womans link now....Geez..Im a super clutz., Please forgive me Ree! Even tho you dont know me, forgive me!! Afterall, we have so much in common!! Well, that is not exactly true but we are both in Oklahoma! Anyway...The link is fixed....


  1. nice blog n nice to meet u,hai friend i would like to show u my childrens video & photo, very sweet ;-)

  2. I thought everyone has atleast one dog. Then I wondered why some don't. Now I know that not everyone has a dog AND why not.
    Thanks for the shout out!!!
    Hi MOM!!

  3. I just had to check out the blogs you read and I've added them to my favorites. What a great way to "meet" new bloggers.

    Have a wonderful evening.

  4. I'm like you...I'm new to blogging (believe it or not) and am having so much fun! Time gets away from me.

  5. You're more than welcome. =)

    I added a blog to my list from yours. Also, I adore Chicken in the Road. That gal cracks me up!