Monday, September 14, 2009

Grandparents Day

Friday was Grandparents day at school for my Grand ones...

One of the many things I LOVE about my job, is that I am able to attend events like this.

I was able to have lunch with Emma.

And Addy.

And Dylan....

Each class makes a little quilt.....Grandparents donate money to the class and whomever donates the most wins the quilt.
The white parts were made by placing their thumbs in paint and pressing onto the cloth....

For Dylans class, they actually put pictures on their quilt....

Dylan had his first test that morning.. He told me it was really easy. A spelling test...
He had studied very hard. Turns out he was right! He made a 100% on the test!!!!

It was fun to meet the teachers and see all the fun things they are doing .....

We walked around looking at all the different quilts each class had on display..

Emma had a little gift for me....folding hands...

Signed with love......

It was a fun day......



  1. What a wonderful day you had. The quilts are so colorful and the thumbprint idea is so cute. Congrats to Dylan on his perfect score spelling test. The folding hands from Emma is a priceless treasure. Dessert looked yummy too!

  2. Melinda, I forgot to ask you a question. There's this local recipe contest I enter every year and I would very much like to enter your macaroni salad. Would you be ok with that? If not, I'll totally understand.

  3. Go for it!! I hope you win!!!! That would be awesome!!

  4. Oh, thank you for your permission. I'll let you know what happens but it will be a few weeks. Recipes have to be in by the 25th, then they have to go thru pre-judging for the semin-finals, then the semi-finalists prepare their recipes for the judges to taste and make their final decision. Sounds complicated but it's not really.

  5. Love the quilt idea. I'll have to pass that along.
    The card and treat were so cute and so are the little hands holding it.