Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hair, what to do???

I have struggled with my hair all my life. I think that may be why my mother just used to cut it all off because I just DONT have good hair.. I don't know why that is. And because I have a round face Ive always tried to make my hair do unnatural things to stand up higher. I mean REAL high..High as it could go...I was thinking it would make my face look thinner? Oh why didn't someone tell me? Why didn't someone take me aside and say...look...your hair..it just isn't working...Do something else...but no...no one did...I went along in life with a series of crazy hair styles...

All similar to this...oh no...Gee, that makes my face look thin doesn't it? NOT...

OR this.....

I cant remember when I went without a perm...

And now it is so long that most days I just put it up in a pony tail and call it good. I just have BAD hair..

I have several nieces and nephews. I don't pick favorites because, well..you just don't..But I do have a first born niece, Mandy..I'm not saying she is my favorite because you just don't do that. I have no favorites, she is just first born..that's all...
When she was little her mother used to tell her that she was just like me. I'm not sure what that meant but it could be the hair..You know why? Look at her hair as she was growing up..
You had this look.......

And there she goes with the high hair.....but wait...shes not done yet....How high can it go? Can I get it as high as my Aunt Melindas hair????

Oh she tried my little niece Mandy..She certainly tried.....Matter of fact..I think she just about had me beat here......

I love you Mandy...And I love your hair...Now I need you to help me with mine...OK?????


  1. You ARE NOT alone! I have bad hair too. And nowadays the pony is the only way to go.

  2. Im seriously contemplating a change..

  3. Wow, your hair is way more controlled than mine! LOL. My hair is at least as bad as yours, if not more so ... and ponytail is standard for me these days. I also put a band around the bottom of my ponytail, just so it doesn't 'bush' out at work!

    No, I'm NOT cutting it! :P

    Love always, yr Dragonfly :)

  4. This is your "Favorite Niece" just wanting to thank you for posting these wonderful pictures of me!!! It made me happy to see that you haven't forgot about me and included me on your blog.(Even though these have got to be the worst pictures i had ever taken,after all they are from about 20 years ago!) I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing pictures of those beatiful kids!!!Makes me wish we didn't live so far from each other!!! By the way...it's no secret...everybody knows I was always your pick, so don't say you don't pick favorites!!!