Friday, September 11, 2009

A hero to me and a thousand animals

Last week I was watching tv one evening after work and I saw someone I recognized.


Ours news channel 4 has a segment called "Pay it forward". It is sponsored by News channel 4 and Spirit bank..How it works is this:

We all know someone who has fallen on hard times. Maybe it's someone at work, someone in our neighborhood or someone at church. How far would $400 go to help?Pay It 4Ward is a program through which KFOR-TV viewers can help someone they know who could use extra cash immediately. Each week someone will receive $400 cash because one of their friends, family or co-workers wants to "pay it forward...

Someone who had adopted two of her rescues nominated her for the 400$ . They went to her house and presented her with the 400$. Kim cried. I cried while watching..I cried because she absolutely deserves it and I KNOW how its going to be used. To rescue and provide for more animals...Like Marley...

In my research in finding a friend for Bob I came across this website.


I was impressed with her no nonsense approach ... I made up my mind then and there when I was ready to adopt another dog it would be from her. No one else.

I saw a dog later that I was interested in and made an appointment with her to see the dog. When I got there I was really surprised just how many dogs Kim had. It turned out that I didn't get the one I thought I wanted, but instead choose Marley. I felt so bad for Marley because she was older and odds were she would have had a hard time finding a home.

This is how Marley looked right after she came to live with me. Very shy.. Hair would not grow on her ears. She had to have teeth removed which left her with only 2. She spent her life having litter after litter of puppies and lived in a cage. But Kim thought she was worth saving.
So do I....

Because this is what happens to a dog that is loved.

This is how a dog looks when it has a safe place to live....

This is how a dog looks that has been rescued by someone that was able to see beyond the matted hair and oily skin and rotted teeth. She saw a dog that was abused. A dog that was used by someone that only thought of the money a little 10 lb dog could make for her. Never petting or giving Marley good food to eat. Then along came Kim....A saver of animals...A voice for those without one....

Kim makes things like this possible.....

She is a hero...

Thank you Kim....Thank you for making a difference.






  1. Melinda, You already know my feelings for dogs and how glad that I am that Marley found her way to your home. Thank you for posting the "rest of the story". Kim is a very special person indeed!

  2. Melinda,that is great that kim received the money. she will make another animal happy with it. marley sure has changed. she looks really happy. mpm

  3. On the side of my blog I have a quote that says...."Folks will know how large your soul is by the way you treat a dog."
    And I think you AND Kim have very large sweet souls!

  4. What a beautiful and heartwarming story!

  5. Okay...I'm crying. What a terrific story!