Friday, September 4, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

What plans do you have for this weekend??

I dont plan on doing much....

Im going to cook and have family over and play....

Im also going to take a lot of pictures to share with you next week...

So please have fun..Please have a good time..Be safe...

Next week I want to talk about my best recipe of all. It wont be anything exciting to the folks back home but it just might be to everyone else.

I want to talk about other blogs ...Mom..I have to admit that I am not the only one in the world with a blog. I didnt even really invent the blog..Its time I told you. There are a MILLION other blogs out there..Maybe even a BILLION. But of course there arent any other blogs out there about you or Uncle Frank or Jim or ME!!!...But I will fill you in on some very interesting ones.

And I want to talk about a lady who rescues animals. The lady that actually rescued Marley.




  1. Can't wait to see your pictures and see the recipe you talked about. I'm all about new recipes. That pineapple pudding cake is SO GOOD! Have a wonderful and safe holiday.

  2. I'm waiting for those pictures and recipes too! I tried the pineapple pudding cake and LOVED it! So did my husband, boys, and the rest of the family!

    Maddie and Annabelle are going to go visit their cousin Jake dog today. Tomorrow we're going to a family cookout.

    Monday all my guys are going fishing and I'm going to go watch a horse show...busy weekend!

    Hope you have a great Labor Day holiday. Jan

  3. I'm with the other gals ~ looking forward to the recipe and pictures!

    Also, I look forward to the blogs you will share. I love getting tips on other blogs to read.

    visit me ~ you've been splashed! (Just a little recognition for being a wonderful blogger!)

  4. Been invited to two Labor Day festivities. One of which we attended yesterday. The other tomorrow. Other than that, not much.
    Can't wait to see that recipe!

  5. Love your blog, and all the photos - they're awesome! I'm also looking forward to your new recipe ... hopefully it's something for diabetics? (If not, maybe I can save up for a splurge, lol.)

    Have a wonderful Labour Day weekend! I'm working on painting on glass today :)

    Love and hugs,
    Cat, yr Dragonfly :)

  6. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and the nice comment.
    Love your blog! And I love Bob's face too!! He is so darn cute, and he definitely knew the right house to find.