Friday, October 30, 2009

Ghosts of Halloween past

Do you have big plans this weekend?

You going to be eating some candy?

Here are a few shots from the past times we have had.

I will be post pictures next week of how the kids dressed up this year...

Because this photo is of the baby who is now 2.....

Have a great weekend...Have some fun!!! Take some pictures...Share them...

If you are dressing up, what are you going to be?
Tell me.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


This is Uncle Frank and Aunt Gayles dog Yuki...

Yuki and Bob are pen pals. They email each other. They are friends on Dogster.....

Yuki lives a life just like Bob..the royal treatment...

This one of Yuki and Uncle Frank is just too cute!!!

Do you have a dog that you spoil?

Tell me.



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wildlife Camera

Hey Bob!!!

Yes Mommy?

Do you want to take a walk in the woods?

"You bet, lets go!!!"

"I think something has been here! I smell it!!!!!"
"Well we better hurry, its getting dark".

"Mommy, I smell that "scent" all around this area!! Hurry!!"

"Hmmm, you mean all around this corn?"

"Well...lucky for us, Bob, we have a wildlife camera here."

"And, it appears we have 34 photos on here."

"Lets take it back to the house and have a look."

"Lets go! I want to see!!!!"

We went back to the house and hooked up the camera to the computer. Mickey sat with us. We saw pictures of crows, and raccoons. We saw pictures of several different deer...
Then we saw this!
Mickey has not been able to sleep since......

This image has been keeping him awake....

Bob can barely believe his eyes either!

"Mommy! That is one BIG deer!"
Yes it is...
Do you have wildlife at your house?
Tell me.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Going to the birds

Look what I ran across!

Oh this isn't very good, is it???

Geez....Not so good either...

A Redwing Blackbird.

Awww. Bluebirds.

Are pigeons really this color?

Now this one isn't too bad.

The dove is great. Are doves yellow? Are clouds orange?

And who can resist a blue sparrow?

All this and more in MY BIRD BOOK.

Yes this is actually my own bird book from I think 1st grade. That would make this book, oh about 45 years old or so. And its still holding together.

This is just one of the many items that my grandmother has held onto through the years and then gave to me a year or so ago.

What kind of things do you still have?

Tell me.



Friday, October 23, 2009

Have a good weekend

What are your plans this weekend?

I will be house cleaning..for sure..

But no big plans this weekend..

Bob will be happy I wont be headed to work tomorrow...

He loves it when I say, "I will be home, so we can play ALL day!"....

And then he looks like this afterwards...

If you would, please take a minute and read
This is a very wonderful and remarkable and beautiful person....I just think shes the best...You will want to read her story today...Please take the time to do so...
Also please look out for squirrels on the road..they are gathering nuts and darting around so be on the look out ...I saw 5 squirrels dead on the road in a one mile stretch going home yesterday...It makes me sad...And when I see a turtle dead on the road I get mad..Its not like the turtle darted out in front of someone..come on..slow down...
My Mom told me that my sisters husband hit a bear on the road about a mile from my Moms house..the bear died..I find it all sad..So please..slow down and look out for the animals too...That is all.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Daughter in law

Another thing in life I have been blessed with is a good daughter in law.

She makes my son happy...That is a good thing.

She puts smiles on my grand ones faces...

She teaches them right from wrong and encourages them everyday.

She lets them sleep over at my house even when we sleep outside...

We have even dressed them up and put them in containers and stuff..

Yes she is a good daughter in law because she even knows Ive done this to Emma...and still lets me keep her sometimes.

And in my care, they have climbed fences and she still lets them come back.

Heck I tag along all the time...sometimes dressed up as a cat.

Do you notice that someone is pulling my tail here?

Yes my DIL is a good egg...She is always up to having fun with the kids. Seriously, whatever they want to do.

Shes a keeper of my family. She loves them. She takes the best care of them. She takes care of me and mine. She had a lot to endure joining this crazy family. We all had to learn about each other. Those things dont happen overnight. She married an only child. That in itself can be tough. But through all these 10 years, we are a family. I really couldnt have hand picked a better wife for my son or mother for my grand ones. I love her.

Were keeping her.



Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Comfort stew

Its that time of year when I start making soups and stews...This one is my favorite..And its super easy.
First take a beef roast and brown it on both sides in a little olive or canola oil.

Then make some small slits in the roast and insert some garlic cloves. I use 4 or 5.

After its good and brown on both sides, remove the roast from the pan and put into your pot or roaster or crock pot.

Cut up a large onion.....and then cook it a few minutes in the skillet you had the roast in.

Take a large head of cabbage and chop it up.....

Use a big can of crushed tomatoes and a container of tomato juice..

Now just throw all this together.

And the cabbage and the tomato and the tomato juice....I then add a little water to this..A couple of cups.

Then take a couple of bags of frozen mixed vegetables and put this in here too..
Plus whatever other veggies you like..

Then just mix it all up.....salt and pepper too!! This is a HUGE roaster and look how full it is!

Then what I do is put mine in the oven at about 325 for hours...sometimes 3 and then turn it back and let it cook on a lower temp for a couple more hours..or even longer.
Then you get this!!

Its basically vegetable beef soup.
But to me, its down home, comfort for your soul food.

Then you can freeze up the leftovers and have them for a few more meals!
Whats cooking at your house?
Tell me.