Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The cats meow

This is my Grandmother as a little girl..I just adore this picture of her. I love the dress and the hair and the socks...When I remarked about the little shoes with the buckle, she stated that they were the "cats meow" at the time. I guess that is another saying for "cool" or "the bees knees".
She has this little felt hat at her house, that has a lace veil attached to it. She wanted me to have it but I forgot it the last time I was back home. She told me that hat had a name. Art.
Seems she had this hat on at some event, and the boys teased her about it. She didn't get mad, she just tilted her head back and said, "YOU just don't know art!". I love that story.
Whats your favorite Grandmother story?
Tell me.


  1. I only knew one of my grandmothers. One had passed on long before I came on the scene. But the Grandma I knew had a heart as big as all outdoors even though there are those that would probably say she was "a little rough around the edges". There wasn't anything she wouldn't do for anyone. Now the "rough around the edges" part - she owned a tavern, not a very lady-like career, but I never saw her take a drink of anything stronger than 7-Up - that is until Mountain Dew came on the scene. My how she loved her Mountain Dew! Anyway, running a tavern, she had to be pretty strong-willed and she had an arsenal of, let's say, colorful words that she used. Long before it was a law, I saw her deny service to those she believed had had to much to drink already. I know she called wives on occasion to come get their husbands because she feared for their safety on the road. As to her softer side - my older sister and brother and I took tap dancing back in the day and Grandma made our costumes for our recitals - and not from a pattern. She could stitch anything up with just a picture to go by. She was one of the most giving people I've ever known.

  2. Can you sew like that? My Aunt Grace was able to sew and knit and do all that ...I dont think Ive really ever tried that hard to do it.
    Your Grandmother sounds like she was a terrific lady..A very multi-faceted person. I like that. You know she would have had to have a tough side to run a bar like that.

  3. Cute story! A girl with attitude. Love it!
    I used to like to listen to my Grandmother talk about our town and what it looked like when she was my age.