Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Comfort stew

Its that time of year when I start making soups and stews...This one is my favorite..And its super easy.
First take a beef roast and brown it on both sides in a little olive or canola oil.

Then make some small slits in the roast and insert some garlic cloves. I use 4 or 5.

After its good and brown on both sides, remove the roast from the pan and put into your pot or roaster or crock pot.

Cut up a large onion.....and then cook it a few minutes in the skillet you had the roast in.

Take a large head of cabbage and chop it up.....

Use a big can of crushed tomatoes and a container of tomato juice..

Now just throw all this together.

And the cabbage and the tomato and the tomato juice....I then add a little water to this..A couple of cups.

Then take a couple of bags of frozen mixed vegetables and put this in here too..
Plus whatever other veggies you like..

Then just mix it all up.....salt and pepper too!! This is a HUGE roaster and look how full it is!

Then what I do is put mine in the oven at about 325 for hours...sometimes 3 and then turn it back and let it cook on a lower temp for a couple more hours..or even longer.
Then you get this!!

Its basically vegetable beef soup.
But to me, its down home, comfort for your soul food.

Then you can freeze up the leftovers and have them for a few more meals!
Whats cooking at your house?
Tell me.


  1. That looks so good I can almost smell the aroma! What's cookin' at my house? We're going to be in OKC this weekend so I'm making some treats for our kiddos down there. One of the things I'm making is Candy Corn Cupcakes. Check out the picture on this site:
    I'll just bet your Grands would love them. I also did some research online and found a note that someone uses Jones Candy Corn soda when they make their cupcakes - I assume instead of the water a mix calls for. I found that Target is supposed to be carrying the soda but since we don't have a Target close my cupcakes won't have a candy corn flavor. I might just have to stop at Target on the way to OKC and see if I can't pick some up for the kids. Candy corn cupcakes and candy corn soda. What a Halloween treat!

  2. My goodness, my mouth is watering!

    Looks awesome. =)

  3. Nothing cooking here. It's a fend for yourself night.
    That looks delicious!

  4. Ok....I'm hungry now! I want to try this! Looks delicious!