Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Going to the birds

Look what I ran across!

Oh this isn't very good, is it???

Geez....Not so good either...

A Redwing Blackbird.

Awww. Bluebirds.

Are pigeons really this color?

Now this one isn't too bad.

The dove is great. Are doves yellow? Are clouds orange?

And who can resist a blue sparrow?

All this and more in MY BIRD BOOK.

Yes this is actually my own bird book from I think 1st grade. That would make this book, oh about 45 years old or so. And its still holding together.

This is just one of the many items that my grandmother has held onto through the years and then gave to me a year or so ago.

What kind of things do you still have?

Tell me.




  1. What a wonderful momento to have - some of your first art work. I have a silver dollar that my grandmother gave me for one of my birthdays and I have a doll that I bought with my own money. When I was little I loved to watch "Ding Dong School" with Miss Frances. That show was before Captain Kangaroo came on the air. Dr Frances Horwich wrote several children's books that she would read on the program. Although I had all of the books as a child I don't know exactly what happened to them. But over the years I've collected them all back finding them in antique stores and online. I also "bought back" some of the Welch's Grape Jelly Howdy Doody glasses I had. Such great memories.

  2. Hmmmm....the only thing I can think of right now....When I was about eight my mother had my pony tail cut off, it was to my waist. And my hair cut into a pixie (remember those?) She gave me that ponytail a few years ago with the ponytail holder still attached.