Friday, October 23, 2009

Have a good weekend

What are your plans this weekend?

I will be house cleaning..for sure..

But no big plans this weekend..

Bob will be happy I wont be headed to work tomorrow...

He loves it when I say, "I will be home, so we can play ALL day!"....

And then he looks like this afterwards...

If you would, please take a minute and read
This is a very wonderful and remarkable and beautiful person....I just think shes the best...You will want to read her story today...Please take the time to do so...
Also please look out for squirrels on the road..they are gathering nuts and darting around so be on the look out ...I saw 5 squirrels dead on the road in a one mile stretch going home yesterday...It makes me sad...And when I see a turtle dead on the road I get mad..Its not like the turtle darted out in front of someone..come on..slow down...
My Mom told me that my sisters husband hit a bear on the road about a mile from my Moms house..the bear died..I find it all sad..So please..slow down and look out for the animals too...That is all.


  1. My plans...a birthday dinner. Yay, cake and ice cream. Like I need it.
    And it breaks my heart each time I see a dead animal on the road.
    Well, except that one time when I found the dead body of the dog that attacked my horse. Then I didn't feel so bad. But I did hate that it happened that way. Does that count?
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Bob has the biggest smile on his face in that last picture. It made me laugh. Just got home a little while ago from visiting our son's family. We celebrated their little foster daughter's 3rd birthday last night. Then we went pumpkin shopping this morning. They're going to carve them and send me pictures. Our son isn't looking forward to the cleaning process part very much. He thinks the pumpkin insides are gross feeling. I'll post about it next week. I'm flattered that you mentioned the story I posted on Friday. An experience like that brings everything into perspective.

  3. I forgot to ask - have you ever been to the Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, MO? If not, on the road to the chapel is a sign that says "Turtle Crossing" or "Watch for Turtles on the Road" or something like that. I always worry about the critters on the road. On our road there are some dogs that will run your car when you drive by. I prefer to take a longer route to get to the main road to avoid them. I'm so afraid I'll hit one of them.

  4. I'm having my whole family over for my youngest son's birthday dinner...14 in all!

    Right now I'm going to go visit O Granny's site!

  5. What a very nice reminder for everyone to slow down and lookout for the animals.

    I will check the other blog right now.