Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hello Fall....

Hello Fall..Nice to see you...I love fall, its my favorite time of year....But there are some things about summer that I will miss...

These purple bean plants....

See how they cover everything? I love them...

4 o'clocks...Self seeding- beautiful

Pink or white

And how about sunflowers that just come up from the birds seed? Cant beat that..

Salvia...I love you

Some of the last things to come out of the garden..PLEASE..tell me what to do with these..Habernaros...Please tell me..I have oodles of them...

Bob says they smell hot...I told him he has no idea just HOW hot they are...!

But I DO know what to do with these...

Cut them in half and take out the seeds..
Then fill with cream cheese and chopped green onion or cream cheese and canned chicken and then wrap them in bacon and put them in the oven for about 45 mins at 350. Yummy!

And I will especially miss these little fellows...

But I wont be missing the high temps..No way..Not me....

What will you miss the most?
Tell me.


  1. I'll miss fresh garden tomatoes the most!

  2. i will miss the warm weather. do not like winter. noooooo. too cold for me. i will miss thr hummers too. i miss them already. winter is so long. it is like it will never end but we have to live with it.

  3. I'll miss the birds singing to me in the morning. Hanging out by the pool. Wearing shorts, tanks and flip flops. And the warm weather. I do not like cold at all.