Monday, October 5, 2009

Mr Dink

There once was a little goat that was born a runt. He didn't stand a chance. All the other goats would get all the food and he was left out.

He would probably not make it....

So..the goat lady called me. I said yes. So I drove out and picked up this little angora goat that fit in a box on my front seat. I gave him a home..he grew...and became part of the family..

Hes a character. A REAL character. He plays tricks..and pranks..Really..

He also is in love with my sister in law, Susan. She keeps his picture at her house..Really.

Anyway...He will yank on Emmas ponytail, and bite Mickey. Its just what he does. But he has never done a thing to me....Until...

And what is this you ask?
Why its water...running and running and running..because a certain goat turned it on..It ran all day and all night and all the next day till I went down to feed.
All the while someone standing near by acting innocent..

What you talking about Willis?

We caught him in the act after I worried I was loosing my mind and forget to turn it off. We watched him walk over to the hydrant and he kept rubbing his head up and down the pole until he turned the water on, then just casually walked away...

So I put that clip on it now and he cant do it......

Hes something....that little Dink..

Do any of your pets play tricks?

Tell me.


And Mr. Dink


  1. Mr Dink is a pretty smart cookie if you ask me. Other than hide special treats from one another I can't think of anything our kids do. Years ago though our daughter had a cat that knew our 2 dogs then (Heather & Bo) wouldn't drink out of their bowl if anything got into it like a stray piece of dog food. The cat would perch himself above the water dish and get one lone piece of dog food in his paw, then toss it up and catch it just over the water dish. Heather & Bo would just look at him praying he wouldn't drop that dog food in the water. The cat would do this for several minutes before finally "accidentally" missing the piece and it would go into the water. The cat would then get this really innocent look on his face like "Sorry! I REALLY didn't mean to do that." RIGHT! It happened more times than I can remember.

  2. That is hysterical...I dont underestimate anything about an animal...nothing

  3. At a bording stable my husband worked at, a few years back, they had a horse that would steal a bottle of beer, hold it up and drink it and put it right back.
    I had a dog that would try to sneak and eat the cat's food. Serious, normally you could hear his toe nails on the hard floor, but when he was sneaking, you didn't hear a think. I didn't know he was eating the cat's food until I caught him sneaking. Rotten dog.
    And rotten Mr. Dink!