Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Someones missing

Hes been gone for two days now. Im worried sick..

His name is Dip. Short for Dipstick.

When he was a kitten he went under one of the trucks and the tip of his tail had oil on it.
Looked like a dipstick..

He was our only indoor pet until......
Bob came along..Then Bob kinda...definately...took over....

And then just a couple of weeks ago...Someone else showed up.......

Dip was born June 8th 2001. My daughter in law watched him being born. He has been a big part of us....He is NOT kid friendly, but we just joke and say hes just in a bad mood. He just never took to the kids. The kids always ask why hes in a bad mood. We say its because hes not the only pet now...Which really might just be the case...

All I know is its time for you to come home....Wherever you are...I'm worried sick...
Me..your human Mom.


  1. I'm wondering if he is mad because all these new kids keep showing up?
    Seriously.....go home Dip, they still love you. Promise!!!

  2. Dip, Please go home. Your momma is so worried about you! She loves you very much, even if you are kind of grumpy sometimes. Without the grumpy you wouldn't be you.

  3. Sure hope Dip comes home soon. I know how worried you are....