Friday, October 9, 2009

Tall tales

Hey Lady.....

Come over here a minute....

I heard the cat came back home after being gone for three days.

Did you hear where he was?

Did you want me to tell you ????

We know where he went...

Oh yes we know everything!!!

We would like to tell you all about it. If you give us some cookies that is....

Just kidding!!! Fooled you!! We don't know where the cat went!!!

Is this the way things work around here?
I do believe your learning, Miss Alice....Goats will do anything for treats!!!


  1. Oh Melinda!...what beautiful goats! They look so well groomed and soft. You have a terrific bunch of fur critters and I love your blog! Thanks so much for posting to mine and for the warm wishes you always leave.

  2. Cute post!
    How long have you had those two? And you aren't wise to their shenanigans? Or were you just playing along? tee hee

  3. Melinda, I love reading your blogs, they give me a giggle and make my heart happy! :)