Friday, October 2, 2009

Uncle Franks 2nd annual reunion

Ive never missed one of Uncle Franks family reunions..

Granted there was only ONE before this one....

I was there last year....

But not this year.....sadly

But my mother and aunts and uncles and Jim and my brother and nieces and cousins were there.

This looks good!

Send me that bag of cookies!!

I wonder if they are saying that they wish I was there..Surely they were...

And just how cute is this little girl? Hello!! I'm your relative that lives in Oklahoma!! Hi!!!

Mom and Jim having their lunch..

And my baby brother who loves to have his picture taken...and my niece in the back there!
I miss you guys...I will see you in approx 6 weeks!!!

I think my Aunt Gayle made this dessert below ...My Mom said it was delicious ....I will try to get the details..
I love my Aunt Gayle..She reads my blog EVERY day unlike my Uncle Frank who DOESN'T ever..sigh....
Gayle is the one that sent me these photos so that I could post them in the blog...Shes going to be a blogger one day...I just know it...She should....After all, she can write stories about Uncle Frank..Daily...and I would read it!! I would ....Hear that Uncle Frank??!!!

Thank you Gayle...I appreciate you doing all this...So does
They read my blog, Uncle Frank..And they aren't even related to me..


  1. Oh, Melinda - if you can get the details on that dessert and pass them along I know I'd appreciate it. And how about the recipe for that dish that looks like it has black eyed peas in it - the one right under your comment that says, "This looks good."? I'm sure glad it wasn't as windy at your family's reunion as it was at ours! BTW - your macaroni salad was a it!

  2. Oops! I meant your macaroni salad was a Hit.

  3. I am so glad that everyone liked the macaroni salad. Mickey prefers it over potato salad..I cant wait to hear how it goes in your cooking contest...

  4. That looks like a wonderful family reunion! Family is very important, and look at all that yummy food!!

  5. Wish I'd been there! The food looks outstanding and I imagine great fun was had by all!